No Remedy For Memory

When I was trying to quit smoking
and we drank white wine from Mason jars,
you called my freckles cocoa powder
and I called your green eyes

I am learning how to be a grown-up
who pays bills, cooks her own meals,
and doesn’t cry at words like
I think I just want to be friends.

The truth is this:
Love is an organic thing.
It rots and softens.

-Clementine von Radics, All That’s Left To Tell (via perfect)

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cats teeth r so cute aaah

how im sposed to beat the pussy up now im too interested in the aesthetics of the art

Postmortem human decomposition stain left on a mattress in the shape of a body. 

Naked embrace is such a beautiful thing I love the feeling of her body as I cuddle her against me, and you know she’s a little colder than usual, so you hold her even tighter. This is pure intimacy.

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